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October 16, 2015

Tax rules change in 2017

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What usually happens when tax rules change? People end up paying more taxes.

New tax rules coming on January 1, 2017 will likely forever change the unique tax benefits currently available to Canadians with Participating (“PAR”) Whole Life Insurance policies….and Ottawa will collect more taxes.

Read my recent article published in The TaxLetter® to understand the unique advantages and tax benefits of PAR policies.

It explains why PAR Whole Life policies are particularly attractive before the tax rules change in 2017, why wealthy people buy them as an alternative fixed-income investment to get market-like returns with GIC-like risk, and why you don’t have to be wealthy to buy one. Read "Tax-free" HERE

Policies issued before 2017 will likely be ‘grandfathered’ and continue to enjoy all of the existing advantages.

The countdown clock is ticking – this is the time to learn how a PAR Whole Life policy can help protect your family or business, while earning guaranteed returns that bank GICs cannot match.

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