Permanent Life Insurance


People often think of Life Insurance as a financial instrument purchased to replace income.

While true for most Term Insurance, the majority of in-force Permanent Life Insurance is now held for investment purposes by large corporations such as banks, financial institutions, and Fortune 100 companies.

Wealthy Canadians buy Permanent Life Insurance as an alternative investment to low risk low yield, highly-taxed investments like bonds, GICs , etc. 

They use Permanent Life Insurance as a worry-free investment that can grow at an equivalent rate in excess of 10%, can be accessed tax-free,  and passed along to families and favourite charities tax-free. See this example.

The unique tax treatment of Life Insurance policies under Canada’s Income Tax Act make it a key component in Succession Planning.


  • Permanent Insurance as an investment
  • Tax minimization/elimination
  • Succession Planning
  • Individual Pension Plans (IPPs)
  • Charitable Planned Giving


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