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July 20, 2015

Fearing the future

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According to a survey by Market Probe Canada, 82% of Canadians are concerned that the cost of long term care will significantly reduce their retirement income and assets, and more than half are afraid of becoming a burden to their family.

To make matters worse, they don't have a great deal of confidence in the government's ability to help them if they need long term care in the future. (Can’t say I blame them - read this)

Insurance companies continue to develop compelling new products that will forever remain well kept secrets until consumers hear about them.

There’s a ton of information available online - most of it is MISinformation - people need reliable advice for living from professional and experienced advisors.

Despite the fertile and rapidly growing market of aging Baby Boomers concerned about their health and financial futures, the vast majority of Canadian insurance advisors have NEVER sold a Living Benefits policy (Living Benefits includes Long Term Care insurance, Critical Illness insurance and Long Term Disability insurance).

The average insurance advisor today is 58 years old (it’s not just consumers growing older) and reluctant to learn about new products.

What would happen if you had a heart attack, stroke, or get diagnosed with cancer? Treating and coping with a serious illness can mean significant costs, and for many of us this could mean depleting retirement savings to finance our recovery.

And don’t count on your benefit plan at work. Read this.

The Canadian Cancer Society found that nearly half of all Canadians will develop cancer, and 91% will suffer a loss of income, or rise in expenses when this occurs.

A recent client study by Manulife revealed that among Canadians aged 30 to 50, only 13% have an individual critical illness plan in place. And what's more - when asked how they would cover the costs for unexpected event, just over half the respondents said they would utilize insurance.

The other responses included borrowing money from family, dipping into retirement savings - or simply - "I don't know".

When something goes wrong, having a professional advisor to advocate for you can make a huge difference when a claim is made.

Please be in touch if we can help you with a no-obligation consultation, or a second opinion review of your protection portfolio.

Contact me now to get started at 1-866-566-2001 or send an email to

I look forward to helping you and your family.

Stay healthy and hope you are having a wonderful summer!


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