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November 6, 2017

CPP Philanthropy™

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Hope you are well.

Charitable Planned Giving is the most gratifying  part of our work.

Today the Globe and Mail published my Op-Ed article “Strategies for charitable giving and tax saving”, part of a special supplement on “Estate Planning and Wills.” It explains how to use those government-supplied CPP funds to make large charitable gifts, mitigate taxes and leave more for family and loved ones.

Everyone agrees that giving is good, but few people realize that their generosity can be very rewarding from a tax perspective for the benefit of their families to preserve family wealth.

You probably know people who now collect CPP benefits and don’t really need those funds to live on.

The money just gets taxed, reinvested and taxed again (at up to 54% in Ontario) - an endless cycle we call “The Tax Grind.”

Using only their CPP benefits, people aged 65+ can easily create charitable gifts of more than $1 million, while leaving more for family and loved ones. 

It’s an easy, painless and tax-advantaged way to create a bigger legacy.

This recent TaxLetter® article “CPP Philanthropy” deals with the same subject in more detail.

TaxLetter® Articles

Established in 1941, The TaxLetter®, is an independent publication sent to paid subscribers across Canada to inform and educate readers about preserving wealth while reducing or eliminating taxes.

I’ve been writing articles for The TaxLetter® since 2011.
Here’s a complete Digest of all my articles to date with a description and link to each article.

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